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This blog covers whatever I decide to write about. The “Categories” show the most common categories: Book Reviews, Catholicism, Mass Media, Musings After Midnight (personal thoughts), Notices, Politics and News, and Statistics. That said, there are no restrictions on topics or content.

Please remember that things published on this blog and website are accurate as of the time of publication listed on the entry. My beliefs, or the situation, may have changed since then.

One of the interesting things about writing this blog, and keeping my website in general, is that both my parents read these pages. When I tell people about this, others find it strange. The whole concept of “older people” online startles people, particularly those in college today. To them, I’m from the dawn of the technological generation. If technology was a Western, I’d be the grizzled old store owner, selling hardtack and ammunition while imparting advice about the dangers and how things worked “back then”. As described in this journal, as a whole the Millenials have a very different perspective about technology and privacy. They would never even think of open commentary that their parents would read, and converse about. Since I’m older, fully adult, and unsupported, I feel independent enough to do that.

On the other hand, my parents read these pages. I’ve decided to keep the main pages vulgarity-free. This does not mean my site would be classified as “family-friendly” in the way that fundamentalists say. These pages contain plenty of “adult situations” on politics, moods, and theology, and at one point were closer to X than G. Just because I don’t swear doesn’t mean that ten year olds should read this.

So, if you’re not of age to understand adult situations, or don’t enjoy the complexity of adult situations, this is not the site for you. If you’re young, I recommend Candyland. If you’re a parent looking for “family-friendly” information, I recommend the Monte Carlo analysis of Candyland. Then you’ll know how long it takes. For everyone else, I will occasionally want to write using less-than-wholesome language. This is most common when I talk about sexuality, because I’m not afraid to use vulgarities when they best describe the situation. Being technical is sometimes necessary. When that occurs, I will type an introduction for the main page, then add a more tag. You can click on the more tag, or the post heading, and go to the entire article.

See! It works like this. I won’t do this very often, because I prefer not to use profane language, but sometimes it’s necessary. Now you know.

In case you’re wondering about the header pictures, they randomly come from memorable places in my life.

  • Kayaking at my parents’ place on the Juniata River, Pennsylvania, USA, June 2008.
  • Boulders Beach penguins, Cape Town, South Africa, August 2009.
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia, July 2010.
  • Central Pyongyang, DPRK, July 2012.

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