Time Traveling Bonus Hour and other laws

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written just a post. There are so many other things to do. But now, I’ve got the “bonus hour”, when 1:59 AM changes to 1 AM. Yes, I know the change from daylight savings time to standard time isn’t really a bonus hour. We donated the hour back in the spring. We didn’t even get interest; in that respect, it’s like banks right now. The Fed can’t print extra minutes for Temporal Easing, though I suspect that would be more universally loved than Quantitative Easing. The next generation could pay back my borrowed minutes.

We accept this bonus hour, shifting of time, as a law, strange though it may be. I’ve been spending part of my bonus hour watching accumulated TV, like Wednesday’s Colbert Report. According to the show, which I confirmed, Oklahoma passed a state question on international and Sharia law with about 70% of the vote. This is likely constitutional, I guess. States are responsible in some ways for treaty obligations, but those are considered parts of permissible US code. Interestingly, this allows for some fun tricks with other states. Oklahoma courts can no longer use other state guidelines if they incorporate Sharia law. So another state could incorporate a little piece of Sharia and mess with Oklahoma’s reciprocity under full faith and credit.

Laws are sometimes crazy things. For instance, I’ve been investigating the laws related to arrest by a private citizen. Sadly, I can’t find a way to arrest someone for torture or crimes against humanity. Yet.

On another crazy legal subject, is it legal for me to do work for school on Sundays? Section (1) of KRS 436-160 states the following:

Any person who works on Sunday at his own or at any other occupation or employs any other person, in labor or other business, whether for profit or amusement, unless his work or the employment of others is in the course of ordinary household duties, work of necessity or charity or work required in the maintenance or operation of a public service or public utility plant or system, shall be fined not less than two dollars ($2) nor more than fifty dollars ($50).

I don’t think instruction is work of necessity. Although my paycheck may seem that way, college instruction isn’t obvious charity either. The exception in subsection (4) doesn’t apply because Bellarmine doesn’t subject me to continuous work scheduling.
The next section, KRS 436-165, allows cities to make their own laws. Since I live in Louisville, I searched that set of ordinances. Retail sales and activities appear permitted. Separately, Section 115.361 (G) says an individual can’t engage in peddling. There are rules about alcohol sales, with a blanket exception for part of the first weekend in May. And the city loans Bellarmine money from time to time, such as November 9, 2009, so my employer can receive the more favorable city rate.

But the city adds nothing about my work on Sunday. Unless Bellarmine is a work of charity, I can’t work. And I certainly can’t work on any side consulting projects, though at my corporate consulting rate I might just pay the summary offense fine if I had to.

How strange, huh? What crazy laws. Like repeating time.

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One Response to Time Traveling Bonus Hour and other laws

  1. Eduardo says:

    Down with daylight (non)savings time.

    The “bonus” hour helped to disrupt my schedule to come back to New York:
    The plan was to drive out of Chicago before dawn since I have done it so many times that I don’t need daylight, and there is no traffic; instead of one hour more of night driving in heavy traffic when you are most tired.

    I set the alarm in the Droid to 5am, an hour before dawn, although this is merely a precaution ‘cos usually I wake up when I want without the need for any alarm clock; sure enough, I woke up, checked the time, and it was 4am… weird, I thought, and went back to sleep one more hour. I woke up again, before the alarm clock rang, at 5am, but checked outside and it was not totally dark.

    Bottom line is that it really made a difference

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