2014: Strive, Cultivate, Praise

I don’t write many posts, nor have I had many readers – never 100 views in any day. This blog has never been about mass popular communication. As I hear fireworks (or perhaps gunshots) ending 2013, I’m writing a summary for myself, beginning with the same basic categories as 2012.

  • UN Member States Traveled: 5. In order of visit, USA, Netherlands (through Aruba), Canada, China (through Macau and Hong Kong), South Korea. I don’t include a transit in Frankfurt, Germany, because I did not leave the transfer area of Airworld.
  • Flight Miles: 49,924 over 36 segments, 9,692 less than 2012. I sat in coach on only 13 flights. Unfortunately, I will lose another level of status and be endowed with more uncomfortable seats.
  • CV Improvements: One peer-reviewed journal article, one conference presentation, one session chair, 3 instances of journal reviewing. (And I just remembered to update my CV!)
  • Class Grades: A’s and S’s, maintaining my 4.0 at Georgia.
  • Facebook Friends: 208, 40 less than one year ago. For the first time, I decided to cull my list. Relationships begin and end.
  • Kisses: 0.

I did my work, and enjoyed my travel, yet on the most important goal, I did not succeed. Unlike 2012, I had more than zero dates. I was more vigorous, but I clearly did not do enough. Unfortunately, a transitional deadline quickly approaches. Unless something very bad happens with work, I will be moving in about 18 months. Anyone I date would need to be able to move with me, or already reside in a place I could reach. While I’ll keep working and searching, I may have to become even more patient. I want to find someone, want to share love, and would like to have a family with children. I hope it’s achievable. I very much hope. Notwithstanding, I know I must continue to improve my attractiveness.

Life offers finite time. I don’t want to die, and yet I know in some future I will sleep and not wake. Unlike past occasions, when I thought of another day closer to the end with detachment and even anticipation, I now really enjoy living. I’m occasionally scared of sleep, of triggering another draw from death’s geometric distribution. Even though my current situation has almost no status, a second class citizen graduate student among second class citizens (all academics at Georgia Football Center), I get to work on projects of my choosing in a physically painless way. Though I wish I didn’t live with cinderblock walls and nasty carpet, I have the funds for a great car and great trips. What luxury! I call my current position the penalty box, because it’s not a desirable professorship in an appealing location. It’s a forced detour. Aspiration drives me forward, but I also realize that I am very, very blessed. My time is filled with opportunity. Unlike Buffy, life is my gift.

Thinking about how to structure time, I came across a well spoken challenge from Time’s Man of the Year. Pope Francis asked yesterday, “How did we live the time (God) gave us? Did we use it above all for ourselves, for our interests, or did we know how to spend it for others as well?”

Hearing that challenge, my work tries to aid others. Another way to assist others is to become more positive. When I see tributes to the dead, like those for Nelson Mandela, I wonder why we wait. Funerals matter for the living. We pass chances to praise and support, to be more positive, to spread the gifts of this world. The corporate “people” have tried to monetize things, of course. I don’t need to spend $32 for a long sleeved T-shirt to know life is good.

Thus, I present my goals three: Strive at work to go to the moon; Cultivate more attractive desirable qualities for women; Praise others to accept the gift of life. Strive, Cultivate, Praise: action verbs for what I would like to be an active year, as long as I get to enjoy.

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