September 11, 2006

It’s been exactly four years since I blogged a full day. That was another 9/11, 2002. It’s a good day to do it again.12:00 AM: I just finished putting chairs away. I hosted poker nightSaturday night, which brought 16 or so people to visit my new place. It’s so great to be able to host15-20 people, instead of 7; I can now host cool events. I opened up thewindow, and we waved at a couple of people peering in from the platform.Today, among other things, I had to empty the beer bottles; I don’t knowabout the recycling here so that will wait.I’m trying to clean up this draft paper I have on statistics education, so I can get it submitted this month. It’s one of my projects. CNN has this special, Footsteps of bin Laden. Christiane Amanpour and the CNN team did a lot of work.Osama’s less than 50 years old. His childhood was with a single mother.He watched Bruce Lee movies as a kid. He gave one press conference on May 26, 1998.1:20 AM: The high channels on cable just broke temporarily, and I canno longer see the interesting program. I have an 8 AM parking spot, so Ishould go to bed. To briefly explain, there is street parking in downtown Chicago. Most parking spaces are enforced Monday-Saturday; a few are Monday-Friday. The hours of enforcement depend on the space, even on the same block. On my block there are many 6 AM – 6 PM spaces, a couple of 7-7, and three 8-7. Timing is very important, as the Loop clears out at night. I came back from getting those chairs Saturday night at 5:30 and had to park four blocks away. At 8 PM parking was hard, but by 10 there were spaces. I drove people home after poker, and one of the 8 AM spots had become free. Yay me.11:20 AM: Got up at 7:40 and drove to Hyde Park. Parking is alwaysbad if one arrives after 7:30. Today is street cleaning day, so it’sworse. To simplify things I parked at the north corner, over a mile away, and took a bus onto campus. Did my workout, watching CNN on thecrosstrainer. I’m at 189 pounds this morning in gym clothes. That’s 86kilograms for my foreign readers. I really should get rid of the last 3-4 kilos on my stomach and get it flat, but I like cake a lot. Now I’manswering email and prioritizing. Flipping through ESPN, there’s a reflection from a son, an editor. I spend 2 minutes reading it. Now I’m off to talk to people.1:45 PM: Went to Mass then to Bartlett dining hall for lunch. Iwanted just a small salad and a few freedom fries, but they’re offering only all you can eat. So I ate much morefood – 2 sloppy joes, lots of fries, bigger salad, and apple juice. I’mprobably 87 kilos now. On the way back, I saw street sign banners for 50Years of SCRS, the counseling service on campus. Maybe it’s best for menot to make further comment.3:45 PM: I just finished my first listing of faculty opportunities.There are 15 listings now. There will be more, but now I need to narrowthis a little. Would I want to live in Greensboro, North Carolina, forinstance? That sort of thing matters.5:15 PM: Had a conversation with a friend, who feels that I’m notgentle and sweet enough. We had a serious argument over the Sermon on the Mount statement to turn the othercheek. I take the historical figurative interpretation, welldescribed in Walter Wink’sarticle. She thought that this was impossible, and I was twistingthings to suit my own needs, and could see only the nonresisting literalinterpretation. It is debatable, but it’s very frustrating to be accusedof useful invention. Nonviolent resistance is not easier thannonresistance; it’s harder. The temptation to dream of vengeanceconstantly lures me. The tightrope between compassion and justice makeswalking precarious. Yes, I do fail; I can be cold and harsh. The realproblem here is that the “God of justice” has been neutered by too manyProtestants.9:00 PM: Because of the timing, and a need to cool down, I drove backdowntown, and managed to grab a 7 AM slot. Yes, driving normally calmsme; I’m driving Lake Shore Drive in the reverse direction. I ate dinnerwhile watching football. There’s a lot of football on TV now. I like ita lot less than even a few years ago.10:25 PM: I should be revising my submission for the Journal ofStatistics Education. That said, Because I saw that new Buffy-canon comics are coming, post season 7, instead I’m looking at people’s 5 Best Buffy Episodes. I can think of The Gift, Innocence, Passion, and Becoming Part II easily. That’s four. There are great concept episodes, like Hush, The Body, and Once More With Feeling, but aren’t my favorites. Maybe Dopplegangland.11:45 PM: Into the doubleheader game now. I wish I could live in SanDiego. The Chargers are crushing the Raiders, too. Made a littleprogress today. And now it’s tomorrow. You might be wondering where my memories are. Why did I just blog aday? I didn’t have any 9/11 thoughts. That was the point. Things havechanged, not all for the better. Yet things still go on. Otherwise ther terrorists win. We remember thepeople, and the acts, and the heroes. We learn from them. And Icelebrate life a little more, every time I win the battle against death by waking up.

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