Converting the Musings

I’m slowly converting my old posts from Musings After Midnight, my not-a-blog, to this format. When I started Musings, it was difficult to install a personal blog. Because I wanted ownership control, I instead wrote my own HTML code. Though I learned a lot, that was timeconsuming. This is much faster.

In order to simplify my life and my website, I will convert Musings to this format, add a tag, and then have one source for small pages. Larger pages will remain on twelvefruits. Seamless transition is my goal, but that may not happen. Eventually it will work out. I hope.

About Adam

My quest is a world where calling someone "virtuous like a fairy tale hero" is routine, not fantastic or ironic. My vocation is the teaching and learning of statistics. My dream is a long happy life with a wonderful wife and kids. Who knows if any will become true? More information is at my homepage on the twelvefruits network:
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