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35 Courses, 636 Letter Grades

My last adjunct contract at Bellarmine ended at 11:59 PM Wednesday night, August 3. I’m now unemployed until the University of Georgia begins on the 15th. What should I do (well, besides packing)? I’ve got a spreadsheet of my instructional … Continue reading

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Dating Odds Calculation

This week, someone noted that I was single not because I was hopelessly unattractive, or that women weren’t available. It was because I was picky. We decided to go through some probabilities. Yes, I know this is very xkcd. But … Continue reading

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Sex, Terrorism, and Economic Man: Superfreakonomics

Since I’m not working on a dissertation this summer, I’m reading books again. The first of several reviews is on SuperFreakonomics, the sequel to the widely popular book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Sure, the first book had that … Continue reading

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Killing the White Swan

Finally, after almost two years, I’ve gotten around to reading the much talked about book The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The term Black Swan has entered financial vocabulary, so it’s good to evaluate the source. Overall, it’s a … Continue reading

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The homeless figures dilemma

I was visiting my parents in Pennsylvania, and I returned to an interesting request. A reporter from the New York Times had found the abstract of my talk on the age of homeless in America. The New York Coalition for … Continue reading

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Millennials, Part 2: Anthropology

Late in the semester, Bellarmine faculty literally packed the Fireplace Room for a talk about generations. Over one-quarter of the faculty showed. Half that count would be nice when my collaborator and I present in early February. The conversation focused … Continue reading

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Heading to the Grown-Up Table

It’s 1:15 PM, 23 June 2006, and I feel so old right now. I’m at the formal luncheon of the MSMESB Conference, in the Winter Garden of the GSB. It’s mostly statisticians from business schools. It’s not that I’m physically … Continue reading

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Mathematics After The Fall

There’s this undergraduate I know, Patrick. He’s a third year at the University of Chicago, occasionally posts to his blog, prefers traditionalist liturgy, and most importantly likes theoretical mathematics. We actually took Math 207-208-209 together two years ago, him as … Continue reading

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