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My Clarisse

I was rereading Fahrenheit 451, for at least the tenth time, because I wanted to add a little exposition on my books page about the mostest bestest story I know. The full exposition on the tale of a Guy I’ll … Continue reading

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Mathematics After The Fall

There’s this undergraduate I know, Patrick. He’s a third year at the University of Chicago, occasionally posts to his blog, prefers traditionalist liturgy, and most importantly likes theoretical mathematics. We actually took Math 207-208-209 together two years ago, him as … Continue reading

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Nobody Roots for Duke

It’s about 7:45 PM on March 18, First-Round Thursday, perhaps America’s finest day. I was assisting my boss in grading from 10 AM to 6:30 PM, so I’m eating leftover pizza from lunch and running through the basketball from this … Continue reading

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