Monthly Archives: October 2004

Time for Regime Change

In three weeks, I will be voting for the Democratic candidate for President, John Kerry. I’ve been asked about this by several people. The pithy answer I’ve given is that “I’d rather vote for a bad man than an evil … Continue reading

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Quick blogs from the third debate

I’m typing in comments while watching on TiVo. Pause breaks are mandatory. Both candidates are on message. 98 times sounds suspiciously like Ferris Bueller and his “9 times”. Or maybe it’s one short of 99 problems, and Bush secretly enjoys … Continue reading

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And Jesus wept. When did we forget that? Maybe because it’s so short. Even the “longer” version of John 11:35 above, with the conjunction, is still two characters less than 1 Chronicles 1:25. Maybe because it doesn’t match with what … Continue reading

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