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-Raano Retro Reviews, Revisited

Before I started with the WordPress format, I wrote some older pages. The musings moved over; these are 5 old book reviews. -raano is Luhya for 5, from Kenya. Thanks, Internet numbers page. To adjust to the new format, I … Continue reading

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The Violence of Love

From time to time, I am violent. I do not mean physically violent, gunplay and beatings. The only Love associated with physical violence should be Leave Out Violence, a Canadian group. And by the title, I definitely don’t mean violence … Continue reading

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The Violence of Nature

This week, I’ve watched hurricane coverage. Too much coverage, I suspect, for how many times do I want to see a desolate convention center, or a floating casino three hundred feet inland, or suffering people? New Orleans, Gulfport, Biloxi, and … Continue reading

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