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Kissing and Cranking

Particuarly with the Daily Show and Colbert Report off the air, my TV and TiVo work as an expensive stereo. In my home wireless network, I’ve connected my TiVo box. With a couple little legal hacks, it can play any … Continue reading

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The Fighting Martha Stewarts

This is a pretty brilliant name for a team, right?  Almost perfect.  I’d prefer the Scrapbooking Martha Stewarts.  Though another option, the Story Problems, is pretty scary too. I’m getting these from 99% Perspiration, the second collection of Frazz comic strips. … Continue reading

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The Old Age of a Man

When I heard about PD James’ The Children of Men, I was completely intrigued. The world seemed so interesting. Sure, there are plenty of post-apocalyptic worlds, because there are always teenage boys. But this appeared different. In this world, there … Continue reading

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The Advantages of the Post

I adore letters. Next to a big check, the best thing I can see in my mailbox is a handwritten address and stamp from someone I correspond with. Letter writing is in strong decline nowadays, according to the statistics and … Continue reading

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