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Connecting an OLPC XO to Airport Extreme WEP

I got my XO laptop from One Laptop per Child yesterday. It’s really cute. Unfortunately, it takes a little work to connect to an Airport network, and the instructions on The Getting Started page aren’t great. Until they get improved, … Continue reading

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Two Reviews: Liars and Happiness

Here are two book reviews. Neither book is particularly great, terrible, or long, so I’ll just combine them into one post in my reading log. The oldest published is Liar’s Poker, written by Michael Lewis in the late 1980s. It’s … Continue reading

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Ender’s Stories and the problems of Literature

Following up on my earlier reading about the Ender’s Game universe, my fiction reading turned again to Orson Scott Card. First Meetings contains four short stories from various timeframes, ranging from Ender’s father through the Xenocide years. The stories vary … Continue reading

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